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Navnepal Informatics is a team of young technical and engineers with experienced members who make a blend of perfect combination of technical solutions by experienced people.

We provide you with the best solutions to your sales, accounts and inventory management through our HORECA POS and HORECA PMS. With HETU LMS, the municipality can create a learning platform for the community school teachers under their jurisdiction as a skill-development and training tool for all of them at once.


Point of Sales for Restaurants, Cafès, Retails, Department Store.


A complete package for hotels Property Management System and Channel Manager.


Hetu-LMS a online learning management system for providing effective trainings efficiently and fase.

Horeca PRO | POS

HORECA-POS is a point of sale system which helps you manage day-to-day operations by helping you make better decisions through the available information to ease your process.

In addition to being very efficient point of sale management software, HORECA POS can manage all business data for core business modules, such as purchase, sales, inventory, taxation, financial accounting, suppliers, employees and customers.

Business owners who are looking for a complete business management solution in a single product will find our solution very affordable, especially if you will like the analytical reporting, ability to quickly start and integrate with their online store and other features specific for your business.

Order Management

  • Save time giving orders
    Punch the items from available list of food and drinks
  • Give Kitchen staff the order with a tap
    KOT printer allows for quick transfer of the order
  • Save data of regular customers for ease later
    Details like name, phone no., PAN no. can be stored for quick access
  • Gift vouchers to loyal customers
    Gifts like % discount and cash discounts for customers.

Manage your tables with floorplan

  • Easily manage reservations, update table status
    Book table efficiently and update table for order or cleaning
  • Assign waiters to tables
    Dedicated waiters to tables for effective communication
  • Merge tables or shift tables quickly
    Merge/change tables and orders at ease with simple drag and drop
  • Customized Floor Layout
    Top-view layout for restaurant for full visibility in a single screen


  • Customize your bills effectively.
  • Split bill feature with multiple payment options
  • Multiple payment option Cash/Card/Credit
  • Strict security standards for Debit/Credit cards

Access your menu easily

  • Customize your menu items
    Use color codes, update pricing and other details with ease.
  • Use a section for your daily specials
    Helps in efficiency by reducing searching time.
  • Void and update menu items
    Use the fixed sections for cuisines and easy access for every items.

Stock & Inventory management

  • Real time inventory calculation
    Know the current state of inventory every time.
  • Reduce over-stocking
    Know when the product is required and get it just in time.
  • Manage and Estimate product sales
    Order products that sell mostly and minimize inventory for products that does not sell.
  • Save money by reducing inventory wastes
    Wastages are minimized as tracking enables a better supervision.

Advanced Reports

  • Sales Analysis Reports
  • Sales Summary
  • Hourly Income
  • Employee Based transaction
  • Card/Cash transactions
  • Daily Report
  • Monthly Report
  • Weekend/Weekdays Sales Report

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24/7 Online SUPPORT

Call us anytime for online support and get physical support in 24 hours of the call.


Get the handy manual for POS and PMS to know exactly what to do and how to do it.


Get a visiting card designed and 500 pieces printed for your business for free.


Enlist your business in our platform to get global viewership for your exposure.


Get single page website and free hosting for your business for a year.

Motivation In Education


Provide your teachers a modern online learning experience and help them get motivated.


What is Hetu ?

It is a Learning Management System (LMS) that helps the teachers of community schools get online training and certification provided by your municipality which increases the training availability, efficiency and proficiency of teacher.

Hetu-LMS allows the involved parties to manage their time and resources effectively. Hetu- LMS simplifies the overall learning methodologies that will cater the problems faced mostly by the municipal schools teachers. And also facilitates the municipality training committee in providing effective, fast and efficient training to its teachers.

It also uses an enrollment management system to input the data and store the information for further usage and facilitate the integration process.


What benefits you get ?

  • Personalization of training
  • Training Content Delivery and Management
  • Assessment Evaluation and Certification
  • Blended and Competency-Based Learning
  • Communication, Collaboration, and Engagement
  • Monitor Activity and Progress / Retention Center
  • LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Integration

Return of Investment (ROI)

Besides providing quality and consistency of training, it brings immediate cost savings. No longer do companies have to move either employees or trainers around to numerous locations. Additionally, once training materials are developed and delivered through your LMS, your future costs are minimal and linked to upgrading and adding new materials as needed.

  • Reduced training time and Cost
    Online delivery of training content and instruction you can reduce the cost up to 40-60%.
  • More training for customers and partners
    Curation and delivery of training contents is never been fast, efficient and easy.
  • Increased productivity
    With tools for communication, collaboration, online assignments and certifications
  • Easier access to training
    Centralized location to access training course from anywhere with also mobile devices.
  • Better tracking of trainee performance
    Track and analyze progress online with various reports.
  • Certifications
    Set standards of quality education by hiring eligible teachers based on training completed and provide them certifications.

Features for End-users (Teachers)

  • Modern Learning Platform: Teachers only need Internet and can access the materials from anywhere with their mobile devices. In addition to this, content can also be made available offline in a mobile application for saving carrier data package. ICT Labs of the community schools can be used to access the platform providing ease of access to a broad number of teachers.
  • Gamification​ Learning through games such as interactive quizzes, badges, achievements are much more effective to the learners.
  • Content Management​ Efficient training delivery and management with the help of Centralized resource curation.
Mission and Vision

Motivation in Education

Mission - To provide efficient training to the municipal teachers and indirectly better students.

Vision : To increase the productivity of the municipality with better human capital and increasing the growth in every field.

We assure you that Hetu-LMS is the best product out there for your return on investment. It is a good mixture of technological advancement, incorporated with a good system that will cater for your specific needs to provide quality training and empowering skills.


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